Bringing the NEXANS family together :

Family Day event at Cansebu Outbound & Camping Ground Resort, Puncak

Flying FoxIndonesia, Friday, 6th to Saturday, 7th July 2007 -  The much awaited Nexans Indonesia Family Day event was celebrated over a stretch of 1 1/2 days, from Friday, 6th to Saturday, 7th July 2007. Jointers and welders who were not physically present in Indonesia, the organising committee made special arrangement to ensure that the family members of these staff were not left out. With a picture-perfect atmosphere and weather, the group set off their 1 1/2-days adventure at Cansebu Outbound & Camping Ground Resort, Puncak that was about an hour’s drive from the Nexans Indonesia office.

The group was sizeable, with a total of 87 participants comprising 18 Nexans staff, 28 family members and 41 children. To herald the commencement of the outbound games, the Indonesia Country Manager, Mr. Muslih Arifin (Pak Muslih), joined the organizing committee in unanimous unity cheers from the group to launch the event.

With interesting outdoor activities such as Spider Wed, Flying Fox, Titian Tail, Shaking Bridge, Bamboo Moving and Triangle Takeshi, the large grin on our staff and their family members’ faces was evidence that they were enjoying themselves tremendously. The height of the games was the Triangle Takeshi, where the all members of the team had to slide down a wet slide, into a mud pool to catch live fishes with their bear hands. This was no task for the faint hearted, as the slide was of considerable height, and the pool, well not exactly the spa type. The participants however, brave through their fear factor and completed the task, with some capturing more than 1 fish! The fishes were later cooked as part of the sumptuous dinner that awaited everyone. Dinnertime was not a quiet event as more fun-filled games with lots of dancing and singing lined up for the night. The night ended with much fan fare as Pak Muslih gave out the “Best Jointer” and “Best Welder” award for the year 2006. The Best Jointers Award went to 3 respective jointers – Dini Sugarbi, Sukri Tayim and Sugita Muhari and the one-and-only Best Welder Award went to Sunarko.

The Family Day event gave the parents a chance to enjoy outdoor games with their children, and most importantly interaction with other members of the Nexans families and staff. This was especially important to those families with husbands on oversea assignments where needs for mental and morale support is crucial. The event not only projected Nexans Indonesia as a caring employer but also an employer that rewards equitably based on performance. This has proven positive as reflected in the low staff turnover and the high quality and self-esteem amongst the employees.

Thanks goes to the Family Day Planning team, which comprises of the Nexans Indonesia Finance/Human Resource/Admin staff, the ad-hoc volunteers who made the event possible and especially to Pak Muslih, the Indonesia Country Manager who has graciously supported and participated in the family event.